Batman: The Dark Knight Returns mounts an equally dark horse with this statue

Batman is a character very close to DC Comics writer David Finch. Of the bat hero, he has said: “He’s very driven and black and white. I love that in a world of so much grey he can cut through it with so much clarity. Right or wrong, he never has to question. And there’s something very engaging about a character that pushes his limits and never surrenders. There are so many variables and possibilities in a story, but you always know what Batman will do.” We’re guessing that back in the ’80s, a similar sentiment propelled writer Frank Miller to ink the now-iconic comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

In a statue depiction of Bruce Wayne’s life in crime-ridden Gotham City after he reverses his decision to retire, the comic-book series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is highlighted for its macabre yet good-guy-championing aesthetic. As this series sees Batman’s psyche developed and explored amidst the gloomy background of evil and misdoing, there’s always at least a sliver of hopeful light at the side seams. Capture this feeling with this stunning “Call to Arms” statue, which sees Batman mounted on a bucking, black steed to honor the Year of the Horse. Measuring 14 inches tall, it is available only in a limited run of 1,000. Reserve yours now.

A caped crusader with equine tendencies.

A caped crusader with equine tendencies.


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Bishoujo series aims to wow with new Starfire statue

Continuing the much-lauded collaboration between DC Comics and Japanese toymakers Kotobukiya is their next bishoujo or “beautiful young girl” statue, Starfire! Standing nine inches tall, she is shown with picturesque tendrils of flaming hair gently framing her curvaceous appearance.

She perches atop a craggy rock which contrasts gorgeously with her shapely legs, clad in metallic blue thigh-high boots. They really pulled out all the stops with this one, and if a PG-rated statue with innuendo is what you’re looking for, this Starfire mold is your jam.

This is what we all look like casually lounging on cliff faces. Right?

This is what we all look like casually lounging on cliff faces. Right?

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Alternative transportation? New Masters of the Universe Arrow!

It’s true — personal transport via gallant and trusty steed is not only eco-friendly, but totally badass. Etherian Bowman Kyle Reccula has got it figured out, ensuring that his animal partner Arrow was ready to jet into battle at the drop of a… saddle. Yes.

Replete with a quiver full of magical arrows, all with unique properties to aid in combat, Arrow warred in both Etheria and Eternia, after several members of the Great Rebellion followed Hordak through the Laser Gate to help out the Masters of the Universe. And while the Second Ultimate Battleground was going on, Arrow can be credited for saving the lives of many a storied hero by moving like lightning through the air and on the ground. Here, she is eight inches tall and comes from Mattel.

Along with the gorgeous super-horse Arrow, we have six-inch Club Etheria figures Galactic Protector She-Ra and Tung Lashor. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Regular horses will neigh to get your attention. Arrow will rescue your battle comrades.

Regular horses will neigh to get your attention. Arrow will rescue your battle comrades.

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Justice League’s Cyborg is imagined in his animated-movie form

Best known as a member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg is also known to be one of the crucial founding members of the Justice League as per the New 52 narratives. Born Victor Stone and developing an extraordinary IQ thanks to the scientist parents who use him as a test subject, his body parts are all eventually replaced by high-tech prosthetics, helping him with his abilities of superhuman strength, supersonic flight and next-level durability.

Here, he’s gotten a New 52 reboot as the next instalment in the DC “Animated Movie” series, recalling his looks in the original film Justice League: War. He’ll go into intense combat against the Apokolips troops with this six-inch rendering!

Human or machine? Both. Like a Venn diagram of everything great.

Human or machine? Both. Like a Venn diagram of everything great.

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DC presents new Flash bust, catch him before he slips away!

This isn’t the first bust put out by DC Comics, by far, but it’s arguably one of the most awesome-looking. Designed by well-known comic-book artist Jim Lee and sculpted by James Shoop, this interpretation of that superhero able to move with lightning-fast speed and wipe out any and all foes with the help of his super-human reflexes.

Since 1940, the Flash has captivated audiences in formats ranging from good ol’ comic books to a TV series (and eventually his own movie in 2018)! And here, he’s back in a limited-edition bust with a run of only 2,500. The bust stands about six inches tall and shows the Flash in the middle of his trademark razor-fast stride, about to eclipse the speed of any force in his way. Grab him now while we’ve got him!

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?

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Montreal to host Mini Comiccon in December

To mark the halfway point after one Montreal Comiccon and the next one, the wonderful folks who the yearly toy and fan spectacle put together the Mini Comiccon for one day during the winter. The Montreal con in particular is known for uniquely bridging the gap between the American pop-culture market and the European bande dessinée art form. Now fans have more opportunities to cosplay, purchase the comic-related stuff on their holiday lists and mingle with like-minded people

The 2014 Mini Comiccon will be held at Montreal’s Palais de congrès on December 7 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission for adults is $5, or free for children 12 and under. It’ll be well worth the deal to see the special guests, which will include Canadian cosplayer and glamour model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais and American comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver, known for his work on titles like Green Lantern and The Flash: Rebirth.



Like “Mini-Comiccon de Montréal” on Facebook for more information leading up to the event!

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“Sexy” Freddy Krueger? Bet you never thought you’d see the day

The gorgeous bishoujo series has been a hallmark of creativity for Kotobukiya since it debuted. Now, in a delightfully surprising twist of aesthetic inspiration for their “Freddy vs. Jason” set, Freddy Krueger from the legendary 1984 film offering A Nightmare on Elm Street is getting the bishoujo treatment. But it isn’t in the way you might expect — instead of the gnarled male antagonist seen on the silver screen, Freddy is re-imagined here as a sultry, buxom blonde lady. (I mean, it might have been a bit more entertaining to see a “sexy” dude version of Freddy, but never mind. I guess we’ll have to wait for that one.) She may look nonchalantly blissful, but the razor glove on her right hand shows that she means business.

Talented illustrator Shunya Yamashita and renowned sculptor Takaboku Busujima (Busujimax) are responsible for conceptualizing this horrific beauty, who stands on a “pool-of-blood” base and will look amazing next to the upcoming bishoujo Jason! She stands seven inches tall and is perfect for a chillingly lovely display.

Oh, hey. Didn't see you there.

Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there.

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