Transformers Tankor is about to pulverize winter

Well, not literally. But we wish! There’s no need to step beyond the threshold of your door and brave the cold when you can order this dude online from the comfort of your couch and favorite pajama pants. True to what his moniker implies, Tankor is the commander of a powerful legion of Tank Drones. At times described as “lovably dim”, his lack of rapid-fire mental calculation doesn’t matter when it comes to decimating foes in the battle ring. The “dumb-jock” archetype of the Vehicon squad, Tankor may be easy to laugh at, but don’t be surprised if he gets his revenge by taking you out.

This Hasbro Transformers Generations figurine is six inches tall and part of the Deluxe Class of the ninth wave of Generations offerings. The blister-card packaging also includes a comic book, so you can get the full Tankor experience. Order him as soon as you can.




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