Frozen’s Elsa glides into homes this winter

This last year has been all about Frozen, and the holiday season isn’t exempted from the hype! Lauded as an empowering and wholesome fantasy journey for hearts of all ages, the Disney movie has warmed many a soul already. And now you can bring one of Frozen‘s central figures into your very own home.

Elsa from Enesco’s Couture de Force series reigns with wisdom and beauty. She stands eight inches tall and is so true to the film rendering, you can imagine her almost breaking out into song with “Let It Go” right then and there. Holding a snowflake in one hand, she stands out as faux gems and pearls adorn her dress, necklace, tiara, hair braid and snowflake. The dress is finished with a pearlescent glitter shimmer to complement her tinted translucent cape. Help her gain confidence in her icy powers these holidays!

Don't let her go.

Don’t let her go.


Heavens to Metroid! Samus Aran from Metroid: Other M in top figma form

From the newest installment in Nintendo’s Metroid series comes Samus from Metroid: Other M! Max Factory has partnered with the figma collection to produce this figure depicting the otherworldly heroine herself. This video-game protagonist is rendered in smooth plastic to allow for maximum poseability and articulation. She comes with a Morph Ball, beam effect accessories, five hand pieces, and a figma stand. She stands six inches tall.

She woke up like this.

She woke up like this.

DC Designer series premieres three new figures

We’re already on the third wave of this collection of sought-after figures from DC and Mattel. The DC Designer action figures proudly boast a 100% faithful recreation of Greg Capullo’s work on The New 52.

Fully articulated and measuring six inches tall for easy display alongside your other New 52 figures, these guys (and one gal!) will be a delight to collectors familiar with and with an affinity for Greg Capullo’s artful illustrations. We’ve got Batgirl (pictured below), Zero Year Batman and Commissioner Gordon to tickle your yuletide fancy, so hop on the DC Designer sleigh and make sure your collection is complete!

Batgirl is a badass.

Batgirl is a badass.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Snarl!

New from the well-loved Transformers: Age of Extinction line is Snarl, the last of their Dinobots to be released! Modeled after a Brachiosaurus, Snarl wheels and deals with prehistoric fierceness combined with machine toughness. Combining both translucent and opaque materials, his green and violet color scheme suits his character.

He is also unique in that he does not possess the “knight” look of other figures previously released in the Age of Extinction series — this guy is a cut beyond. He stands six inches tall and is part of the third wave of highly coveted Deluxe Class figurines. Your Transformers collection can’t be complete without this Deluxe Class figure, so order now! (And P.S.: We have Hot Shot, too!)

He looks friendly.

He looks friendly.

ArtFX presents The New 52 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen accomplished a lot in his lifetime — he taught himself to survive with a bow and arrow on a deserted island, he made himself into a billionaire businessman, he became the owner of Queen Industries and he turned into a local celebrity in his hometown of Star City. But all of these feats pale in comparison to his work as the Green Arrow, deploying his trick arrows to aid the Justice League in the nick of time.

Here, he gets a makeover in The New 52 style courtesy of ArtFX by Kotobukiya. Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, here he is positively radiant in 1/10 scale, living up to the moniker of Emerald Archer. He stands seven inches tall and is pictured holding his graceful weaponry in a poised stance. Grab him today!

Poised to shoot.

Poised to shoot.

New Batman: Arkham Origins four-pack figure set

The 2013 action-adventure gaming experience came out to critical acclaim and has since amassed a significant following. The third installment in the Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Origins is a third-person journey into how it all began, allowing players to re-create crime scenes to sleuth out criminals.

Here, four essential six-inch characters from the game are assembled into one big whammy! Of course, there are Batman and the Joker. Black Mask is clad in a pale white suit that contrasts sharply with his dark, chilling countenance. And Deathstroke is in his telltale military-grade armor, a ruthless mercenary and anti-hero with a speckled past. This quartet is essential to the world in which Batman: Arkham Origins unfolds. Grab all four of them in this perfect holiday package!

Batman, the Joker, Deathstroke and Black Mask -- what a delightful tea party these four would have.

Batman, the Joker, Deathstroke and Black Mask — what a delightful tea party these four would have.

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Superman: Man of Steel statue

Another in our recently acquired set of comic-con exclusives (see others here, here and here), this black-outfitted 13-inch Superman statue is based on the iconic film Superman: Man of Steel. Man of Steel was the very first installment in the DC film universe, and was a hit at the box office, being praised for its narrative, visuals, fight scenes and re-imagining of the classic Superman character.

Just like in the movie, this rendering has Henry Cavill as Superman looking contemplative and ready to dole out justice. Caped and standing atop a pile of alabaster skulls, he is slightly turned and looking off into the distance. It’s a veritable work of art, and as a statue, it’s truly remarkable. It is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive offering, which means a limited run and temporary availability. Snag him today!

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Super Best Friends Forever Poison Ivy

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, despite her ladylike and flowery name, is one of Batman’s primary and ruthless enemies. First appearing in comics as early as 1966, the supervillainess is a part-time botanist and a part-time eco-terrorist. Using her extensive knowledge of the biological plant world as a lethal weapon, she leaves destruction and fury in her red-haired wake.

This Poison Ivy, however, comes in a decidedly cuter package. Modeled after the Poison Ivy variation that appears in the 2012-and-onwards TV series Super Best Friends Forever, this six-inch figure points her cheeky, slightly innocent-looking gaze at you while outfitted in a metallic green bustier leotard. Arms akimbo, she demands what exactly you think you’re doing in her presence. Succumb to her charm this holiday season with this limited-edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figurine. Don’t miss out on Ms. Ivy!

Do gingers have souls?

Do gingers have souls?

DC releases first series of Son of Batman figures

The much-anticipated animated follow-up to Justice League: War was released this past spring, and now DC has another treat for us — the very first wave of Son of Batman collectible figures! Damian Wayne prepares himself to continue his father’s heroic legacy, and necessarily he encounters various obstacles and triumphs along the way. Now, you can bring his journey to life with these four figures.

Batman (pictured below), Deathstroke and Nightwing measure approximately six inches tall, and Robin is almost five inches tall. These guys come in classic blister packaging in the style of the DC Designer series. Snap them up so you can say you were among the first, because these guys could very well be coveted collectors’ prizes one day.

"Damian" sounds much more epic and dark than "Bruce", we have to admit.

“Damian” sounds much more epic and dark than “Bruce”, we have to admit.

Rocket Raccoon and classic 1966 Batman bust banks are here!

At long last, the much-loved furry and genetically engineered hero Rocket Raccoon from smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy is ready to hold onto your loose change with all of his might! The perfect character foil and partner-in-crime to the now-legendary Groot, pictured below, couldn’t be a better choice for one of Monogram’s next Marvel offerings.

And from DC, the classic 1966 Batman bank will not only safeguard those nickels and dimes, but will lend a nostalgic touch to any collection. Both vinyl bust banks are detailed enough that they look like mini-statues, but are playful enough to be right at home beside both your fine collectibles and on your bedside table.

Cop them both, because who knows? Maybe all of that spare change could one day help you buy an awesome Groot statue? Or an even bigger classic Batman?

Escape from Kyln! But don't let your change do the same. Escape, that is. (This is where you politely laugh.)

Escape from Kyln! But don’t let your change do the same. Escape, that is. (This is where you politely laugh.)