Adorable Superman is our kryptonite: New Static Arts statuette from Square Enix

Hey, DC Comics fans — we’ve got a totally new re-imagination of Superman that is about to soar into your world with a red cape. Square Enix has brought us this six-inch statuette as part of its DC Variants series, decking out this American cultural icon with a spiffed-up look.

The Static Arts collection uses a high-tech aesthetic as inspiration for rendering our beloved Superman as a mini statuette. Not only is he super cute, but the fine detail we’ve come to expect from Square Enix is re-created here in smaller scale. Quality isn’t sacrificed in the pursuit of making Kal-El adorable. Display him alongside your other DC collectibles or use him to brighten up your desk space!

*Nas voice* Now let me take a trip down Lois Lane.

*Nas voice* Now let me take a trip down Lois Lane.


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