Lead the Ghost Company with Sideshow’s Premium Format Commander Cody

Calling all those set to war against the Dark Side — this new Star Wars and Disney figure is nothing short of amazing. Check out the Sideshow Premium Format Star Wars Militaries Commander Cody, who comes with DC-15 A Blaster Rifle cocked and ready to deliver a fatal blow to anyone who dares cross him.

This figure measures in at a whopping 18 inches, as close in scale to the real movie character as possible. The calculated leader of the 212th Battalion division is fierce and a force to reckon with here, and will be a “commanding” presence as the centrepiece of your Star Wars collection.

The Suite Life of Commander Cody.

The Suite Life of Commander Cody.


In the name of the moon! S.H. Figuarts Chibi Moon is here

She’s pretty deadly in pink. What more could you ask for with the S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Chibi Moon? Adorable and perfect, she packs a mightily cosmic punch. Here she is in super-cute five-inch form, a Tamashii Nations original that you won’t be able to find from any other toymaker.

Harness your inner Pink Sugar Heart Attack and pose the to-scale Chibi Moon alongside your other Sailor Scouts. This designer figure comes set with interchangeable face parts, bangs and hands, along with a Pink Moonstick and a display stage.



Mezco’s Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg in a brand-new outfit!

He looks like an adorably stoic dad on his way to the hardware store, doesn’t he? Well, we all know that he’s actually one of our favorite TV masterminds, Walter White himself. Here’s an incarnation of his alias in 12-inch format. The Mezco Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg looks totally spiffy with a new outfit — check out the crease in those trousers!

Sartorial excellence aside, we’re sure you’ll be more than content when you add this new figure to your Breaking Bad collection. Hey, if anything, it’s a way to justify those hours you spent streaming AMC to your significant other.

Breaking Dad.

Breaking Dad.

Marvel Legends Infinite Ant-Man gets an exclusive new look

This new addition to an already hotly anticipated series is about to change your collection in a way never seen before. We’re excited to introduce the Marvel Legends Ant-Man Exclusive Series Ant-Man Black Costume Variant.

If you’re already set with the Ant-Man Build-A-Figure series, you won’t want to miss out on this guy, featuring the beloved Ant-Man but with a special color-way and outfit that’s never been seen before in this format. The ultimate Marvel Legends collector will want to snap this up ASAP! Don’t delay — and catch yourself up on the movie for all those water-cooler conversations!

Lookin' fresh.

Lookin’ fresh.

Masters of the Universe Mara of Primus sails in to protect the galaxy

Children of the ’80s are going to go wild over this one. Amp up the nostalgia factor and celebrate the famous Mattel media franchise with this Masters of the Universe Mara of Primus six-inch figure in classic blister card packaging. Forming part of the indispensable Galactic Protectors squad, Mara is Master Sebrian’s bright and young assistant.

Taking the lead to co-pilot the Starship Eternia and free up her galactic crew to enact justice elsewhere, her superhero “rap sheet” is colorful and impressive. Catch the Queen of the Mytes wielding her ponytail mace, too — there’s truly no one like her! (Oh, and we’ve got Buzzsaw Hordak, too!)

Bad chick contest, you in first place.

Bad chick contest, you in first place.

Artist Bryan Hitch interprets Batman for the Black & White statue series

Channel the classic spirit of one of the world’s most well-known and most-loved superheroes with this novel product from DC Comics. This is the Batman Black & White statue by Bryan Hitch, a great new addition to the Black & White statue series and a definite must-buy for the dedicated Dark Knight aficionado or aficionada.

He’s captured mid-leap, balancing with one hand atop the bat-logo base and the other wielding a Batarang. Sculptor Clayburn Moore adds his artistic capabilities to this six-inch masterpiece. Grab it quick — it’s only being made in a limited run of 5,200!

Slide into your girl's DMs like

Slide into your girl’s DMs like

SDCC Magic: The Gathering exclusive: Planeswalkers of the Universe

Do you believe in Magic? Alright, that was corny, I admit it, but seriously. Here’s an ultra-special San Diego Comic Con Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers of the Universe Game Box. This is the third year in a row that Wizards of the West Coast and Hasbro have produced a set of cards specifically for the Comic Con, and so here’s your chance to cop a piece of convention history!

Acclaimed fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds joins us on the visuals, and they do not disappoint. Black-on-black aesthetics with shimmery reflective effects make this box set nothing less than luxurious. Treat yo’self!

Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson.

San Diego Comic Con presents the Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator exclusive

Collectors swarmed to cop the Transformers Devastator when it came out in a surprise early release not too long ago, and now we’ve got an exclusive version for only the choicest of devotees! Here’s the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Titan Class Exclusive Devastator, made especially for the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Even if you weren’t able to fly south for the huge Con, we’ve got you covered with all of the goodies!

Hasbro outdo themselves with this smattering of Constructicons, featuring six Voyager Class Constructicon figures and four Devastator weapons and armor accessories. Combine the Constructicon Hook, Constructicon Long Haul, Constructicon Bonecrusher, Constructicon Scavenger, Constructicon Scrapper and Constructicon Mixmaster figures to build the giant, deadly Devastator!

Oh, I think I found myself a Devastator.

Oh, I think I found myself a Devastator.

’90s French house lives on through Medicom’s Daft Punk figures

This is an exquisite arrival for dance music heads “around the world”! Pay homage to two seminal figures of the French house genre with these Real Action Heroes figures of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter (pictured) and Guy-Manuel
de Homem-Christo
. Medicom has rendered these guys in 12-inch format with their signature gold, silver and black helmets re-created in impeccable detail.

Whether you’re time-traveling back to the late ’90s and the DJ’s spinningHomework or tearing up the dance floor in the 21st century to Random Access Memories, these guys will make you want to start a revolution of the 909 variety.

When he's ugly cute so he shows up to the function with a mask

When he’s ugly cute so he shows up to the function with a mask

Harness the power of the Galick Gun with Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta

This new arrival from Tamashii Nations is about to complete your Dragon Ball collection (at least for now)! Consider this Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Galick Gun Vegeta PVC statue, a hot new release that’s sure to wow anime heads. Get ready to dodge the powerful Galick Gun beams shot out by none other than Vegeta, rendered in six-inch form for compact display.

He’s here with his iconic pose, in exacting detail that will keep you staring. In cool shades of aquamarine and cerulean, he looks as much a work of art as he does a statue. Pick him up!

When a longboarder asks for your number

When a longboarder asks for your number