Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Bladebuilders debut the Kylo Ren electronic lightsaber

Don’t lie — you’ve always wanted one! Well, now you can make that dream a reality. Hasbro has collaborated with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the Bladebuilder series, which sees iconic weapons from the film experience brought to three-dimensional form. Here we’ve got the real, working Kylo Ren electronic lightsaber, complete with light and sound effects that will make your re-enacted battles as realistic as possible.

Kylo Ren is no ordinary warrior, channeling his dark magnetism and Force consciousness to defeat enemies with a weapon that’s anything but ordinary. You can do the same, extending his trademark weapon with a flick of your wrist. Space-themed role-play has never been so exciting!

Look at the flicka da wrist.

Look at the flicka da wrist.


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The CW’s Arrow adds six-inch Felicity Smoak to its lineup

How can you not love this awesome hacker and IT specialist? One of Oliver Queen’s most trusted allies, she has the ability to gain access to otherwise locked-down electronic databases and systems in order to help Queen carry out his missions. How many of us can say we have a friend like that? Goals.

Here, she stands six inches tall and sports her no-nonsense “hacktivist” uniform of white collared shirt and dark skirt. She comes in window-box packaging for easy display and with interchangeable hand parts, to boot. Your Arrow collection won’t be complete without her, so get your order in!

Smoak show.

Smoak show.

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Bring home the Gotham TV experience with three new Diamond Select figures

Transport the dark, urban landscape of Gotham City to your front door with these three new offerings from Diamond Select Toys and the DC Universe! The TV spectacle Gotham has garnered accolades from viewers across the world, and now it’s time to bring its characters to life. These three figures feature 16 points of articulation and come in a window box with spine art for easy reference and display.

Each seven-inch figure comes with character-specific accessories and a deluxe diorama base depicting aspects of the crime-ridden streets of Batman’s hometown. The Penguin comes with a pier, Jim Gordon comes with an alleyway and Selina Kyle (pictured below) comes with a fire escape — put Jim and Selina’s bases together to create an even bigger scene!

At least with that name she can take up a career as a pop star if all else fails.

At least with that name she can take up a career as a pop star if all else fails.

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Batman: The Animated Series gives us three new figures in Series 5

Batman collectors can amp up their excitement — you can now complete your Batman: The Animated Series six-inch figure collection with the addition of three new characters! The fifth wave is chock-full of awesome goodies. Re-live the Emmy-Award-winning show and bask in the ’90s nostalgia all at once!

We’ve got Batgirl (pictured below), Riddler and Batman. Each of them comes with show-specific accessories and a specially designed base. Their colorful aesthetic is true to the animated look you’ve seen time and time again on-screen. Grab yours before they’re all gone!

Batgirls just wanna have fun.

Batgirls just wanna have fun.

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Marvel Universe Spider-Man Variant new from Play Arts Kai

Arachnophobes beware. Thankfully, the Marvel Universe Play Arts Kai Spider-Man Variant doesn’t bite! A fresh take by Square Enix, this web-slinging justice fighter stands an authoritative 10 inches tall. Taking a powerful yet pensive stance with fists balled at his sides, Spider-Man means business. He also boasts one of the widest ranges of motion of any Play Arts Kai figure to date, so with him you get the latest innovations in figure design technology!

Spider-Man can be posed slinging either translucent webbing from his wrists, or a net-shaped spider web to trap his foes. The interchangeable hand parts can even be used to set him up in his signature hanging-upside-down position. Metallic black additions to a classically blue-and-red paint job add depth and dimension. He’s truly a work of art.

Babe alert.

Babe alert.

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Channel your inner Vader, Kylo or Yoda: New Star Wars: The Force Awakens lightsaber replicas

How many chances do you get to fulfill a real childhood dream? Well, here’s one! Check out the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber, a novel offering from Hasbro’s Black Series. Here, the series diverges from its usual six- and 3.75-inch fare to bring us a life-size movie replica accessory.

This lightsaber comes loaded with tons of realistic features, such as realistic light effects, authentic movie sound effects, a real metal hilt, a display stand and instructions so you don’t inadvertently take out a friend or family member with your new intergalactic weapons capabilities (very necessary). Order it now! We’ve also got Darth Vader’s and Yoda’s lightsabers, too!

Mom, I'm busy waging space war. Turkey can wait.

Weapons goals.

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Digimon are the champions! The S.H. Figuarts Metal Garurumon has arrived

We’re your number one source for all your digital monster needs! Introducing the S.H. Figuarts Metal Garurumon from Tamashii Nations and Bluefin. This five-inch, boxed figure based on the popular Digimon franchise is a must-buy for the devoted anime collector. Here, we see him featuring a completely re-designed and upgraded color design.

Digimon Adventure-heads are sure to get super stoked on this guy. The best part? You can re-create Metal Garurumon’s iconic frigid attack Metal Wolf Claw (Cocytus Breath) with the included effect parts. To re-imagine your favorite scenes, you can also pose him in regular wing or flying wing poses. If you purchase this set, you’ll be rewarded with a missile and special joint to use with Tamashii STAGE (sold separately). Click the photo below and get shopping!

Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal.

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