Aliens turns 30 with Hot Toys and Sideshow’s Movie Masterpiece Ellen Ripley

Ms. Ripley is like no other. Here’s the Aliens Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Ellen Ripley from Hot Toys and  Sideshow Collectibles. Re-live the 1986 movie with this 12-inch imagination of the inimitable Ellen Ripley.

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of this installment of the sci-fi saga, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate. The figure includes a specially tailored costume, a custom flamethrower, a tracking device, Jones the cat and its carrier box and a diorama figure stand. Click on the image below to pre-order her for January arrival.



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The Star Wars: The Force Awakens First Order Flametrooper arrives from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles

This guy is so meticulously crafted, he looks like he just marched out of the silver screen. Take a look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale First Order Flametrooper, a deluxe collectors’ figure from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. This 12-inch figure grows the First Order army, toting his trademark incendiary weapon that can turn a battlefield into a burst of flames.

This figure features the sleek designed Flametrooper helmet and armor, the trooper’s signature flamethrower and backpack and a specially designed hexagonal figure stand with the First Order’s emblem! Click on the image below to get started.


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Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles present the Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Stan Lee

Sometimes the spotlight needs to hit behind the scenes. Check out the Marvel Collectible Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Stan Lee from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles. Stan has brought magic and wonder to countless fans across the globe with his work on iconic films. His on-screen cameos have delighted and surprised moviegoers for years.

This is a hot collector’s piece perfect for the Marvel movie buff in your circle. Stan Lee stands 12 inches tall and comes with a newly developed head sculpt, meticulously sculpted hands and arms, finely tailored outfit, a director’s chair, detailed accessories and a figure stand. Hit the image below to add him to your cart!


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1980s icon Weird Al Yankovic is here in retro form

Travel back in time with this Weird Al Yankovic Clothed Retro Series figure from NECA! The first of a series of Weird Als who will be making an appearance in the latter half of 2016 and 2017, this eight-inch offering celebrates the king of popular song parodies.

Here, we see Weird Al in tailored fabric clothing, just like the retro dolls that helped define the action-figure market in the 1970s. He comes with two interchangeable heads so you can switch between his 1980s aesthetic and his modern look. A timeless favorite, Weird Al makes the perfect gift in collector’s window-box packaging. Click on the photo below to see him up close!


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Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’s Boba Fett is here from Hot Toys and Sideshow

One of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise is about to hit your collection. Check out the Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Boba Fett, another meticulously crafted release from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles.

Arriving early next week on, Boba Fett features a finely sculpted helmet and armor, his signature jetpack, detailed weaponry accessories and a figure stand. We’ve got the Deluxe Version, too! Click on the image below to add him to your cart!


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens returns with the Deluxe Starkiller Rey Base Exclusive

Hasbro has come out with a new release based on the essential seventh episode in the Star Wars film franchise. Here’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Starkiller Rey Base Exclusive. The desolate desert world of Jakku has toughened this warrior into a force to be reckoned with.

Rey stands ready for action with her weapons (blaster and lightsaber) atop a custom display base. She stands six inches tall and features 28 points of articulation. Click on the image below to start shopping!


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Star Wars and Hasbro present Poe Dameron vs. First Order Riot Gear Stormtrooper Exclusive from The Force Awakens

Hasbro is treating us to an exclusive two-pack that will no doubt become a highlight of any Star Wars collection. Check out the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poe Dameron vs. First Order Riot Gear Stormtrooper Exclusive, a set featuring two new figures who go head-to-head with the goal of intergalactic victory.

Human starfighter pilot Poe Dameron is outfitted in his signature kit true to Episode VII’s on-screen aesthetic. The battle drama of the space opera epic Star Wars: The Force Awakens wouldn’t be complete without the First Order Riot Gear Stormtrooper, sporting combat regalia designed to intimidate and conquer. The interchangeable helmet and weapons accessories are as authentic as they come. Click on the photo below to start shopping!

love me.gif

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