Daryl and the Wolves join forces for this new Walking Dead statue figure

Now serving up some post-apocalyptic goodness: here’s the Walking Dead Daryl and the Wolves statue figure, a 10-inch masterpiece by Gentle Giant and the great minds that have brought us the smash-hit AMC TV series. Since the show’s debut, Daryl Dixon as played by Norman Reedus has become one of the most recognizable characters in genre television.

This anti-hero “Lone Wolf” is appropriately flanked by two wolves, creating a trio made in “walker” heaven. Reedus explains the idea for the statue comes from his fans, who feel the character of Daryl, and Reedus himself, embody the spirit of the rebel, the survivor, the lone wolf. The figure also comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure yours is the real deal! Grab it now by clicking on the image below.



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Six new figures from The Walking Dead are here!

We’re on to the ninth series of awesome McFarlane figures based on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, and so fans of the world-famous TV classic based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman are in for a real treat.

Endure the zombie apocalypse with this sextet of five-inch characters — choose from Water Walker, T-Dog, Dirt Version Grave Digger Daryl, Dale Horvath Exclusive, Constable Michonne and Beth Green. Save some coin when you grab all six, pictured below. And note that Dale Horvath is only available through selected retailers, so make sure you grab your chance to get him now! You can click on the image below to get started.


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Immerse yourself in a universe of “lurkers” with The Walking Dead Series 8

Beer isn’t the only awesome thing that comes in groups of six. Check out the eighth series of figures based on the hit AMC TV series right now! If you’re still reeling from the cataclysmic death of you-know-who in season 6 (hey, we’re not going to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the episode yet!), we’ve got the perfect antidote.

These new figures make up the ultimate squad: McFarlane presents us with Rick Grimes, Eugene Porter, Morgan Jones, Dale Horvath, Bob Stookey and Tyreese Exclusive in five-inch form. Each character is intricately articulated, true to the respective actor’s on-screen appearance and comes with various accessories. Blister-card packaging makes them simple to display or tear into for maximum play action. Have them delivered straight to your door by clicking on the photo below!

Squad goals.

Squad goals.

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McFarlane introduces three new figures with the Walking Dead series 7.5

Leap right into the AMC horror drama with this new wave of Walking Dead action figures! Seven complete series of toys based on the five-season-spanning TV show have been rolled out so far, and us collectors have snapped them up eagerly. Now, we’ve got something super exciting for those who have been patiently waiting — series 7.5 of Walking Dead figures by McFarlane!

Choose from the formidable small-town sheriff Woodbury Assault Rick Grimes, the menacingly disease-ravaged Flu Walker and the ready-for-anything Grave Digger Daryl. Or be a smart cookie and order all three together (shown below) and take advantage of our money-saving package deal. Go ahead, they don’t bite!

Three's company.

Three’s company.

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Get a head start and preorder The Walking Dead’s Glenn Rhee in mini-bust form for December

We’ve got a treat for you, Walking Dead-heads! Later this year, we’ll be carrying this six-inch bust by Gentle Giant Studios based on the hit TV series. AMC’s The Walking Dead, an offshoot of the comic-book series written by Robert Kirkman, has awed audiences for almost five years now. So feast your eyes on Glenn Rhee, an indispensable component of Rick Grimes’s ragtag crew of apocalypse survivors on the show.

A true risk-taker and young soul, Glenn has no problem putting himself in the line of fire for the good of the group. This is what makes him uniquely loyal and trustworthy, a valuable asset to Grimes’s team. Appropriately so, this mini-bust has been digitally sculpted by master artisans using photographic reference directly from the set. This detailed, limited edition and individually numbered statue is rendered in the highest-quality polystone and hand-painted. A certificate of authenticity is also included — this bust is the real deal. Preorder now for December delivery.

Zero to 100 Rhee quick.

Zero to 100 Rhee quick.

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Walking Dead Rick Grimes McFarlane figure: a US exclusive now at Toys on Fire!

The outbreak survivor made famous by AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Dead is now here in six-inch format, courtesy of McFarlane Toys! Check out rugged and brave protagonist Rick Grimes in his boss-like pose, outfitted in his police officer uniform from his stint at the King County Sheriff’s Department. Imagine if you were wounded in the line of duty and woke up to find yourself as one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse! Yeah, pretty crazy stuff.

So we’re more than excited that we’ve gotten our paws on this exclusive figure, previously only available at Walgreen’s in the US. We have a limited number of these Grimes collectibles, so make sure you scoop one up before it’s too late.

I shot the sheriff.

I shot the sheriff.

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Who knew severed ears could look so cool? Check out this Walking Dead Daryl Dixon genuine prop replica

We’re looking for you — yeah, you, one of the most die-hard Walking Dead fans of them all. Who out-does any person they cross paths with when it comes to Dixon and Grimes trivia. Who has their popcorn pre-popped and pre-seasoned so they can sit down somewhere comfy and watch the new episode the exact second it comes on. Who finds charming and lovely all that others may find grisly and stomach-turning on-screen. If that is you, my friend, then we’ve got a little somethin’ for ya.

This is a true-to-original design Walker ears prop necklace from the geniuses over at Gentle Giant Studios. Not only does it come with a certified replica of actor Norman Reedus’s signature, but it is mounted in an elegant shadowbox to make display all the more captivating. (And hey, what can be more captivating than a bunch of synthetic severed ears on your wall?) It’s delightfully disturbing, perfect for the dedicated horror fan.

Your mom will be so stoked the next time she goes over to your place.

Your mom will be so stoked the next time she goes over to your place.

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