DC Comics Designer Series brings us five new figures

The DC Comics Designer series introduces this Green Lantern by Greg Capullo.

We’ve got Superman, Aquaman and Batman with James Gordon, too!



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DC Collectibles Premium Format series introduces Aquaman

Is your collection ready to reign over the seas? Take a look at the DC Collectibles Premium Format Aquaman statue figure from Sideshow! Arthur Curry rises from the depths wielding his mighty trident, a powerful enchanted weapon and symbol of sovereign authority.

He strikes a commanding pose in a regal gold and green incarnation of his iconic costume, all atop an Atlantean-themed base. Fans of Justice League won’t want to miss out. Click on the image below to reserve yours now!


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Grab six new DC Heroes with this Alex Ross Justice League box set

How often do this many of the world’s greatest heroes come together in one place? Not very, guys. Here’s the Alex Ross Justice League Box Set of six DC Heroes in six-inch format. Combined with the creative talents of Norman Alexander “Alex” Ross, famed American comic book artist and writer known for his vivid designs, this set is sure to be a more-than-welcome addition to your DC Comics collection.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and The Flash join forces for this awesome offering. The gang’s all here, and if these aren’t your #squadgoals, we really don’t know what to say, except . . . Click the image below to add these six powerhouses to your holiday haul! We’ll have them shipped to your door as fast as if The Flash delivered them himself.


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Grab this statue of Mera, enchantress of Atlantis and Aquaman’s lady!

When taking a look at this figure, it’s easy to see why the Bombshells series has been a total hit with collectors enamored with the DC Universe. Introducing Aquaman’s first lady and fearless warrior of the deep, Mera! With an aesthetic based on the 1940s and 1950s pinup style that recalls glamorous women of generations past, she is a new twist on a classic look.

Wielding a mighty trident with hair long and flowing, the 12-inch-tall Mera is ready to defend and represent Atlantis at all costs. Produced in a limited run of just 5,200, this lady is one you won’t want to miss out on. An exclusive design by Ant Lucia and sculpt by Tim Miller renders her unforgettable. Purchase Mera for your own collection or for a unique gift!

I woke up like this.

I woke up like this.

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Aquaman will rule in new DC films, but first as this Play Arts Kai figurine

During the superhero revival of the “Silver Age” 1950s and 1960s, Aquaman was re-introduced as one of the founders of the Justice League of America. As all interesting superhero characters are, Aquaman is tortured and conflicted, oscillating between his positions as a fallen king of Atlantis and brooding doer of good.

Square Enix introduces this new eight-inch component of their Play Arts Kai line for immediate availability. Posed very king-like with a trident at the ready in his left hand, he’s the perfect acquisition in advance of the recently announced 2016 film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he will be played by Jason Momoa, and the upcoming 2018 offering where he will be starring in his own movie. Until then, get ready with this gorgeously painted PVC figurine.

A telepathic ability to communicate with marine life is only one of the superhuman skills Aquaman will bring to forthcoming films.

A telepathic ability to communicate with marine life is only one of the superhuman skills Aquaman will bring to forthcoming films.

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Undersea queen and lover of Aquaman is newest statue in the DC Cover Girls

Mera’s been the Queen of Atlantis for awhile — since 1963, in fact! The legendary partner of Aquaman is an amphibious alien known for being able to kinetically control water to create just about any kind of structure from it. With flaming red locks and elegant undersea garb, she’s a deep-sea vision worthy of artistic representation, and of your collection.

Both supporting character and protagonist in myriad DC story arcs since last century, she’s a timeless character and key persona who deserves the celebration she’s getting from the Jack Mathews Cover Girl collection. Designed by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Mathew’s sculpting talents are showcased in this 10-inch figure. As a tribute to The New 52, Mera has a limited run of only 5,200, so keep this in mind when you’re placing your next order!

Pictured in a graceful aquatic rise, Mera was named one of Comic Buyers' Guide 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.

Pictured in a graceful aquatic rise, Mera was named one of Comic Buyers’ Guide 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.

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