Celebrate the holidays with this Zatanna statue based on Batman: The Animated Series

Zatanna wields her magical powers just as seen in Batman: The Animated Series!

Diamond Toys brings us this nine-inch PVC statue.



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DC’s Zatanna arrives in Bishoujo statue form

Superheroines are a true gift from the universe. How boring and ineffective would it be with all that testosterone trying to fight off all the bad guys? To remedy that, here’s the DC Comics Bishoujo Series Zatanna statue, a PVC imagination of the gifted sorceress that pays homage to her mystic craft.

Here, she’s conjuring up something special. Sculpted detail in her hair, clothing, accessories and unique bishoujo-style face makes her an important Kotobukiya offering that you won’t want to pass up.

Black beauty.

Black beauty.

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Two new figures in the Justice League Dark series make the New 52 a supernatural affair

The Justice League Dark, known for their supernatural powers and their handling of matters deemed too extraordinary for the original Justice League, are an indispensable and unique squad. First announced in 2011 as a new First Wave title in the New 52 conglomerate, the “JLD” are now rushing to us in action-figure form!

The original comic-book narrative touches on more melancholy themes of the struggle and tension that the heroes experience in relation to otherworldly powers, and these 6-inch renderings evoke the dark mood appropriately. And this is even more exciting given that this past July, Guillermo del Toro confirmed that he was working on a screenplay for a feature-length film centred around the JLD. So much excitement! Own Constantine (pictured below) or Zatanna now.

Constantine is one of two new Justice League Dark figurines for fall.

Constantine is one of two new Justice League Dark figurines for fall.

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